Pathria Analytics

Pathria Analytics brings the scientific rigor of predictive analytics to create solutions that tackle the most complex decision-management challenges that businesses face. By employing advanced statistical modeling techniques, we are able to extract meaningful and actionable insights from data.

We are not a tools company. We are not a business-intelligence reporting company. We are a solutions company, where our proven expertise in developing and delivering pioneering analytics-enabled applications is leveraged to transform critical decision processes for our clients.

Because game-changing solutions require the marriage of technology and domain knowledge, we target problems where we can best leverage our deep analytics capabilities and focus our domain expertise.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has its commercial roots in Financial Services, where scoring models were first introduced in the 1950’s to improve the lending process. Such models are now ubiquitous in that vertical, driving decisions throughout the customer life-cycle, from solicitation to origination to account management to collections.

At Pathria Analytics, our focus is to similarly transform decision-making in fundamental business processes in industries
just beginning to see the power in analytics.

Decisions, Decisions.

What types of decisions can be affected? Consider a few examples where we have made a difference:

  • Healthcare Insurer: Should this medical provider be reviewed for fraud and abuse?
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager: How should I set the pricing of specific drugs?
  • Venture Finance firm: Should I invest in this start-up currently undergoing a financing?
  • Media Content Provider: What on-demand movie schedule will best meet consumer demand?
  • Individual Asset Management Company: What are my distinct customer segments, and how should each be managed?

Pathria Analytics creates solutions that enable our clients to make smarter decisions.
Pathria Analytics creates business impact.